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Revolution by Resolution

Revolution by ResolutionA Sunday service script/ritual developed by UU Women and Religion -- Developed by Nuala Carpenter, Laurie James, Doddie Stone, Geri Kennedy and Helen Popenoe. Written by Dorothy Emerson. Songs by Carolyn McDade.

Watch the video of the presentation at General Assembly 2007.

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Meg Bowman Books

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Retired Sociologist, Meg, now in her 80's, is a great-grandmother. She remains active in OWL (Older-Women's League) and W&R: UUA (Women & Religion: Unitarian Universalist Association). Originally from North Dakota, Meg has lived in northern California since 1961.

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Fourth Wise Man

New Edition of an Old Treasure!

Fourth-Wise-Man-cover-sm"A few years before his death -- when times were less hectic for us -- Howard and I began to work on a task very important to both of us. He wanted to republish his first book The Fourth Wise Man, editing out the sexist language that permeated its pages. It had been written more than fifty years ago, before the feminist movement taught us the importance of inclusive language. I was eager to do this because it is a fine book full of poetic wisdom and humor and it should be shared. The contents are as relevant to today's troubled world as it was when it was first published in 1954."

~from introductory remarks by Rosemary Matson

"Reading this text is like receiving a heartening letter from Howard! We highly recommend its cutting edge insight, lyrical voice and refreshing inspiration." ~Elizabeth and Bob Fisher, friends and fans of Howard's

You can read The Fourth Wise Man online.

Glorious Women

Award-Winning Sermons about Women -- edited by Rev. Dorothy Emerson
Glorious Women, ed. Rev. Dorothy EmersonGlorious Women is a compilation of sermons that have won the Ministerial Sisterhood UU Sermon Award. The book is edited by Dorothy Emerson and includes her account of the amazing growth of women in UU ministry from the early 1980s through 2004. The sermons are filled with insight to inspire the translation of faith into action and the living of more authentic lives.
Glorious Women is a unique chronicle of women's changing lives and concerns, told through sixteen award-winning sermons. It is also the story of women in ministry and their rise from a tiny minority to over half of the Unitarian Universalist ministers in only twenty-five years. The sermons in this collection speak to the central issues of our times, issues that concern both women and men. Often drawing on historical women's lives and words for inspiration, thirteen women and three men explore the challenges of living lives of integrity and faith in today's world. By sharing their insight and wisdom, these authors encourage all who share their words to live more authentic lives and do what they can to work for a more just world.

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Standing Before Us

Standing Before Us - Rev Dorothy EmersonUnitarian Universalist Women and Social Reform 1776-1936 Edited by Dorothy May Emerson
We still confront many of the same issues faced by our foremothers. By engaging with these women of the past, we hope to empower and inspire today's women and men to continue the work of creating a world of justice and peace for all.--from the preface Standing Before Us presents 160 years of women's work. This long-awaited volume contains letters, essays, stories, poems, and speeches by Unitarian and Universalist women. The reformers and leaders represented here write and speak eloquently for social justice, equality in education, religious reform, and an end to slavery and prejudice.

Includes a biographical sketch of each woman, and informative notes on the texts selected.


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