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She Calls Songbook

She Calls to Us sheet music book

Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
The songs included in the CAKES curricula do have sheet music included so you don't need to buy this to teach Cakes.

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She Calls to Us CD

Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart

She Calls to Us1. Spirit Call (2:10)
2. We Honor the Water (2:37)
3. Return (4:31)
4. Keep Walking in the Light (mp3) (2:10)
5. She Calls to Us (mp3) (4:57)
6. Your Daughters Come to Honor You (3:51)
7. We Come Singing (744)
8. Sappho's Dance (2:29)
9. I Am the Sister of the Tree (2:17)
10. Joyful We Come Dancing (3:35)
11. We Stand on Holy Ground (2:11)
12. In the Womb of the Mother (7:13)
13. May We Be Strong (mp3) (1:25)
14. Blessed Be This Child and Mother (3:18)
15. Merry Meet (1:59)

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She Calls to Us - download

Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
She Calls to Us


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Thirteen Ships CD

You may purchase STANDING BEFORE US Sheet Music as a PDF to download. Please contact us if you would like license to print multiple copies. info@uuwr.org


Thirteen Ships by Carole Etzler Eagleheart and Bren Chambers


Thirteen Ships LISTEN  A1 Lostwithiel 2:31

LISTEN  A2 Walk Gently In My Life 3:33  LYRICS

LISTEN  A3 I Will Sleep Within Your Arms Again 3:28

LISTEN  A4 Women I Have Known And Loved 2:10

LISTEN  A5 Friends Like You 1:29

LISTEN  A6 We Are Standing Strong 3:50

LISTEN  A7 Thirteen Ships 3:33

LISTEN  B1 Standing Before Us 4:01  LYRICS

LISTEN  B2 Do You Know 2:37

LISTEN  B3 The Love That Comes Circling Round 1:48

LISTEN  B4 Come Find A Shelter 2:44

LISTEN  B5 Women, Raise Your Voice 5:40

LISTEN  B6 Hope For The Flowers 1:51

LISTEN  B7 Travel Light And Travel Easy 2:01  LYRICS

UUW&R Exclusive!

"Standing Before Us" -- A women's chorus in Texas has an online recording.

Downloadable version coming soon.



As the River We Flow

Women's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant CD


As the River We FlowTRACKS:

1. Naming Chant 1:22
2. Ancient Mother / Isis Astarte 3:26
3. I Am the River 2:05
4. Look to the Source 2:41
5. Gaia / OoMama 1:53
6. Woman’s Work 1:57
7. Let It Begin (A Birthday Chant) 1:36
8. Mother God’s Lullaby 3:53
9. Mother I Feel You 2:17
10. I Am Fire 1:08
11. Crystal Clear 3:58
12. I Am the River (reprise) 2:32
13. Lady Weave Your Circle 2:55

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Chants for the Queen of Heaven

Nancy Vedder-Shults

Chants for the Queen of HeavenTRACKS:

1. Come Through the Arbor
2. Listen, Sisters, Listen
3. Amaterasu [66kb]
4. Rise Up and Call Her Name [50kb]
5. Om Tara
6. Jai-Ma
7. To Sing Your Praises
8. Yemaya [109kb]
9. I Found God in Myself
10. Every Hour
11. Volcano Woman
12. Kwan Zeon Bosai
13. She Bear
14. Old Crone of Mystery
15. Ancestral Faces

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