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UU Congregation of Fairfax, VAAfter a number of years of very little woman centered activity at UUCF, we are happy to report that feminist spiritual consciousness is alive and well in our corner of Northern Virginia! It all started 4 years ago when I was foolish enough to ask the question, where is the women’s group in this congregation? As a woman who had moved around the country and been a member of 3 other UU congregations, I was surprised that there was no organized woman’s group. It was my time to step up. I started the first Women’s Spirit Circle, now known as the Artemis Circle. I became the Woman Link for our congregation to the JPD district chapter of UU Women and Religion. I attended a JPD Women and Religion Retreat. I was hooked!

Cakes for the Queen of Heaven

Leaders representing the CMwD Women & Religion Committee and the UU Women's Connection (CMwD UUWF successor) will jointly present a District Assembly workshop and five facilitator training events for the newly revised, ground-breaking curriculum, Cakes for the Queen of Heaven: In Ancient Times. These events will be held in Peoria and Milwaukee in November 2008.

What would it have been like to grow up in a world where the divine was imagined as female?” — Rev. Shirley Ranck, PhD

Rev Shirley Ranck at ICUUW Feb 2009

“Cakes for the Queen of Heaven” was credited on its introduction 21 years ago with providing women an opportunity of discovery and empowerment within the UUA goddess movement. Now, this revised, multi-session curriculum by Unitarian Universalist Minister Shirley Ranck will bring the break-out feminist theology curriculum in its updated version to those who wish to teach it in their local congregations to the many young and new UUs who have never experienced it. Or to others who want an injection of inspiration. “Cakes: In Ancient Times” is rising again in UU congregations all over the continent.

Would you like to present this curriculum in your congregation? This is an opportunity to receive facilitator training and purchase the curriculum.
CAKES Train-the-Trainer (T3) workshops include:

Look where we are in our Women and Religion (W&R) movement! Our new Co-conveners, Gretchen Ohmann and Shirley Ranck, have been totally with us for very meaningful years, giving progressive steps in support of our mission of examining and eliminating sexism (plus more.) Today, and for the near future, their sure-footed co-leadership will give inspiration for collaborative ways spreading into new possibilities. Patriarchal assumptions, language and behavior still surround us, but UU cultural attitudes are, clearly, changing. One present example of egalitarian complementarity is with the editorship of this issue of WOMUUNWEB. I’ll be collaborating with Dana Ashrawi, the International Convocation of UU Women’s Communications Coordinator.


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