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Goddesses Witches and the Paradigm Shift cover smGoddesses, Witches & the Paradigm Shift.

Celebrating Ourselves (International).

Four Famous Unitarian Universalist Women: Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix, Margaret Fuller.

Bella & Phyllis by Milton Loventhal and Jennifer McDowell.

Three Admirable Women: Florence Nightingale, Frances Willard, and Jane Addams.

Finding Our Foremothers: Emily Stowe, Frances Perkins Gilman, Frances Power Cobbe by Rev. Maureen Killoran.

Meg Bowman is the author of MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR WOMEN, READINGS FOR WOMEN’S PROGRAMS and WOMEN’S HISTORY: DRAMATIC READINGS and co-author with Diane Haywood of READINGS FOR OLDER WOMEN. A professor of Sociology, Dr. Bowman is now retired.

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