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Songs to Celebrate the Goddess CD by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
Many of these are featured in Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum!
LISTEN  1. Spirit Call (2:10)
LISTEN  2. We Honor the Water (2:37)
LISTEN  3. Return (4:31)
LISTEN  4. Keep Walking in the Light (2:10)

LISTEN  5. She Calls to Us (4:57)
LISTEN  6. Your Daughters Come to Honor You (3:51)
LISTEN  7. We Come Singing (7:44)
LISTEN  8. Sappho's Dance (2:29)
LISTEN  9. I Am the Sister of the Tree (2:17)
LISTEN  10. Joyful We Come Dancing (3:35)
LISTEN  11. We Stand on Holy Ground (2:11)
LISTEN  12. In the Womb of the Mother (7:13)
LISTEN  13. May We Be Strong (1:25)
LISTEN  14. Blessed Be This Child and Mother (3:18)
LISTEN  15. Merry Meet (1:59)

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