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Gretchen Ohmann Jane Britton Barbara Schonborn Feb 18 2017Jane Britton passed away March 21, 2019 from lung cancer. At left is a picture of Gretchen O, Jane and Barbara S at the Asilomar international women's conference. Jane was a very loyal supporter of UUWR and a regular participant in District retreats as well as a close associate of Rosemary Matson and Meg Bowman. She was a member of the UU Church of Monterey for decades.

Elizabeth Fisher says of Jane, She was a jolly sort and well-liked by many.  She took a lot of fabulous candid portraits of the church and activist community members and shared them with Rosemary, especially in her later years when Rosemary was not out and about as much. She read a lot. When she was in town between her travels to foreign places we often saw her at the Library, searching for new facts and entertaining fiction. We also would run into her walking along the Monterey Bay.  She enjoyed local restaurants, always ready to recommend an overlooked gem. We will miss her.

Jane Britton

Sept. 12, 1945 - March 21, 2019 Pacific Grove

Cakes = Cakes for the Queen of Heaven leader

MSUU = Ministerial Sisterhood UU

UUWR = Continental UU Women and Religion

UUWF = UU Women's Federation

UUWHS = UU Women’s Heritage Society

W&R = Women and Religion

Rev. Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley (1949-2006) UUWF

Rev. Jean Lois Witman Gilpatrick
 (1925-2009) UUWF

Rev. Marjorie Newlin Leaming (1915-2010) UUWF, MSUU 1974 founding member

Rev. Dorothy W. Kimble (1942-2011)  MSUU

Marilyn Abbott Gentile (1926-2013) UUWR

Rev. Janet H. Bowering (1930-2014) UUWF, Clara Barton Camp

Rosemary Matson (1915-2014) UUWR, UUWF

Rev. Elinor Artman (1927-2014) Cakes, UUWF

Rev. Dorothy S. Boroush (1925-2014) UUWHS

Rev. Roberta M. "Bobbie" Nelson (1935-2015) UUWF Ministry to Women Award, in 2001

Rev. Christine E. Hillman (1949-2015) Cakes,

Rev. Julie Denny-Hughes (1946-2016) Cakes, coauthored a UUA task force report on clergy sexual misconduct.

Rev. Carol I. Brody (1928-2016) UUW&R

Rev. Joan Kahn-Schneider (1930-2017) MSUU

Phyllis M. McKeeman (1923-2017) UUWF

Rev. Martha L Munson (1953-2017) MSUU

Rev. Beth E. Cooper (1975-2017)

Rev. Bets Weinecke (1936-2017) MSUU, PSWD W&R

Rev. Sarah Barber-Braun (1925-2017) UUWHS

Rev. Katherine "Kay" Greenleaf (1939-2018) MSUU

Rev. Eileen B. Karpeles (1925-2018)  MSUU

The Rev. Sarah Barber-Braun, died on December 17, 2017 at the age of 92.

Sarah was born on October 23, 1925 to Dallas Dayton Lore McGrew and Elizabeth Barber McGrew. Born in Tokyo, Japan while her architect father worked there, Sarah grew up in Maryland. She earned her BA in Political Theory and Government from Massachusetts’s Radcliffe College in 1947, then worked for a time as a primary and pre-school teacher. After moving to Missoula, MT and adopting her three children—Paula, Julia, and Daniel—Sarah worked for sixteen years as a self-employed jeweler. A lifelong learner, Sarah also participated in graduate coursework in Education, Art, Political Theory, Women’s Studies, and American Studies. After discovering Unitarian Universalism and heeding a call toward ministry, Sarah earned her Master of Divinity from California’s Starr King School for the Ministry in 1984.

Rev. Barber-Braun was ordained on February 17, 1985 by the First Unitarian Church of Oakland, CA. She first served as an extension minister at the UU Congregation of Erie, PA from 1986 to 1989. Rev. Barber-Braun then served for a year as interim minister at Des Moines, WA’s Saltwater UU Church, before ministering to the First Universalist Society in New Haven, CT 1994 to 1996. Sarah then carried out another interim ministry at the Mattatuck UU Society in Woodbury, CT until 1997. In that year she began serving the First Universalist Church of Southold, NY, ministering there until her retirement in 2002.

Rev Elizabeth WienekeThe Rev. Elizabeth “Bets” Wienecke, died on December 28, 2017 at the age of 81.

Bets was born on December 22, 1936 in Evanston, IL to Eliza Rittenhouse Wienecke and Robert Henry Wienecke. She married William Gourley Jr. in 1955, and they had three children together: Ann Michelle (deceased,) William, and Elizabeth. Bets graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1975 with a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society; and in 1980 she earned a Master of Arts in Educational Psychology Counseling from California State University, Northridge. She worked for many years as an office manager, a Volunteer Coordinator for the Santa Paula, CA School District, and as Executive Director of the Santa Paula Youth Employment Service. During this time, she married the love of her life, Peter Haslund, becoming stepmother to Melitta and Christina. Inspired by her mentor the Rev. Marjorie N. Leaming, Bets felt a call toward ministry and pursued fellowship with the UUA, earning her Master of Divinity from California’s Claremont School of Theology in 1985.

Rev. Wienecke was ordained on May 25, 1986 by the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara, CA. In 1987, she began serving as the Extension Minister to the Live Oak UU Congregation of Goleta, CA, and in 1990 the congregation called Rev. Wienecke as their settled minister. Bets served Live Oak with passion and dedication for eighteen years, and upon her retirement in 2004 the congregation honored Rev. Wienecke as their Minister Emerita.

jkahn schneiderRev. Joan Kahn-Schneider passed away in June 2017 at the age of 86… Rev. Kahn-Schneider’s service on behalf of the denomination was extensive. She served as President of the Ministerial Sisterhood Unitarian Universalist, a forum for women clergy. While ministering in Michigan, Joan served as Good Offices Person for her UU Ministers’ Association Chapter. She was also Vice-Chair of the UU Council of Cincinnati Program Committee. Rev. Kahn-Schneider also served on the UUA’s Board of Review, and while a member of the UUA staff she held positions in several committees: the Continuing Education Committee, the Joint Theological Schools Committee, and the Theological Grants Panel…

More: http://www.uuma.org/blogpost/569858/283271/In-Loving-Memory-of-JOAN-KAHN-SCHNEIDER-1930--2017


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