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Max Dashu presents at UU Congregation of Fairfax, VA

Greek imagesFemale spiritual heritages of Crete, Greece, & the Aegean
a visual presentation by Max Dashú
Ancestors, goddesses, priestesses, and women's ritual, 6000 BCE to 200 CE. Female figurines, Cycladic marbles, Cretan frescos and seals; bee seeresses, snake women, bear girls, shamanic dancers and crone masks; archaic Hera and Artemis, the Mistress of Animals, Hekate, Gorgons, the Furies, Medea—and patriarchy's impact on mythology. This isn’t the Greece we were taught!
Rare images from the legendary Suppressed Histories Archives collection.
Wednesday April 21, 2010 at 7:30pm
Suggested Donation: $15. to $5.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax
2709 Hunter Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124
Sponsored by UUCF Women's Spirit Circle
For more information: scbennett@cox.net

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Continental UUW&R wrap-up

As always, there's a lot going on all over the USA. Here are a few tidbits:

SWUUWCon2010-0001Southwest UU Women just wrapped up a very successful conference in Dallas, themed, "In the Name of Love," with keynote UUA Moderator Gini Courter and musician Amy Carol Webb. They used their new website, www.swuuw.org, for online registration. Photos will be up soon. And they are already planning for 2011!

Central Midwest women had their Winter WomanSpirit the same weekend, welcoming Starhawk as their keynote. A Margaret Fuller Tea was one of the weekend's highlights. Women from Canada even attended this one! Their photos are online at www.cmwdwr.shutterfly.com. CMwD W&R are planning for their Summer retreat in Watervliet, Michigan, called "Sowing the Seeds of Gratitude" and have just announced Margot Adler as their keynote for February 2011 in Elkhart, Indiana. This group's ongoing projects include working with their District to redefine and strengthen their relationship, partnering on projects with their sister organization in CMwD, the UU Women's Connection, and a comprehensive selection of retreat planning resources on their website, www.womenandreligion.org.

UU Women's Connection in CMwD hosts two annual retreats as well, with the Spring 2010 event being held at Pilgrim Park in Illinois. Their board of councillors has a wonderful practice of quarterly meetings where they travel to a host church for a meeting, a Margart Fuller Conversation in the evening, and a visit to the host church's Sunday service. www.uuwomensconnection.org.

UU WomenSpirit in Thomas Jefferson District have published details on their Spring event, held at The Mountain in North Carolina. "The Institute and Gathering are biannual events in the Spring and Fall that offer the experience of an all-woman retreat where women can strengthen their talents and renew their energy in a supportive and safe environment. All Institute and Gathering activities are optional; during these events we encourage you to make choices that best meet your needs. Unitarian Universalist Womenspirit expects and encourages all women to honor the safety, integrity, and confidentiality of those attending its sponsored events." www.uuwomenspirit.org.

Northern New England UU Women and Religion holds annual retreats as well. They are the W&R group for the consolidation of the Northeast District (Maine) and the New Hampshire Vermont District now being called Northern New England. Their website is new and still under construction. www.uuwomenandreligion.org.

General Assembly in Minneapolis, MN this June will feature some workshops of special interest:

UUWF - Funding for Women's Work, Men, Women, and Margaret Fuller, and No Silent Witness: A Web of Empowering Conversation

Iternational Convocation of UU Women - Organizing Women's Groups in Unitarian Universalism

Meadville Lombard Theological School - Reflecting on Stories of Black UU Women

UUSC - Women Organizing for Workers’ Rights

Beacon Press - She Looks Just Like You: Exploring GLBT Families

UU Holdeen India Program - Empowering Women using Microfinance and Organizing: SEWA's Strategy

UUA SMF Bicentennial Committee - Margaret Fuller: A Woman for the 21st Century

Association of Universalist Women - Drumming The Soul Awake

The 2010 Ware Lecture Delivered by Winona LaDuke

And of course the UUW&R Annual Gathering at GA, which will be a breakfast program and meeting on either Thursday or Friday. Watch your e-mail and snail mail for an announcement this month. UUW&R will be sharing an exhibit table in the international group with the ICUUW. We'll have curricula and books as always, and a brand-new jewelry line.

The complete GA schedule is here: http://www.uua.org/events/generalassembly/schedule/index.php

See you there!!!

Electronic Media

A growing trend is the use of electronic media like Facebook for UU women's events and groups. A few  are beginning to use Twitter to spread the word. Some have listed events on WitchVox. And many are using blogs or websites to communicate event details, facilitate online registration, display photos, network, and share their resources. Our website lists several District and regional UU women's groups and would be happy to link to your UU women's group site or page -- just let us know. And, we'll list your events on www.uuwr.org!

CMwD WomanSpirit report

Lauree Cass, CMwD W&R SecretaryThe last weekend in February 2010 will be in my memories forever as it was the first Winter Woman Spirit Conference I have ever attended as well as being an incredible weekend!  My anticipation and excitement leading up to the weekend was nothing in comparison to the reality I was fortunate enough to have.  This was truly a grand weekend, one of nurturing (which was the theme), one of learning and one of making and building on friendships.

I and my traveling party arrived at First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee Wisconsin, the site of WWS2010, quite early; I was having time change complications.  We were warmly welcomed none-the-less.

Starhawk at Winter WomanSpirit 2010 Milwaukee WisconsinA large room in the church, a gathering place of sorts, was designated for vendors and there were so many wonderful women with so many wonderful items to sell!  Next to our booth full of organic products and beautiful spirit shawls were ritual robes and hats and beautiful items to wear and treasure.  There were booths of jewelry and booths of clothing, herbs and plants, and even some ‘toys’ and things just for women!  It was overwhelming and the excitement was apparent.  One quite popular booth was the aura photography booth where we could get a picture of our aura taken!  It was fun to look at each other’s auras and compare differences; particularly the opportunity I had to share aura comparisons with Starhawk whose aura, not surprisingly was full of blues and violets.  My excitement show through my own aura with a huge explosion of yellows and gold!

Opening ritual on Friday was lovely to say the least and left everyone with much energy and excitement for the coming day as we all departed to our lodging locations.  A few of us staying at the lovely County Clare Irish Pub and Inn ended our night with a night cap and hot tub soak.  Ahhh…

The next morning we were all up bright and early and ready for our day.  One thing we all had in common was the exciting anticipation of hearing Starhawk (prominent speaker, author and Earth activist) speak to us and sign our books; Starhawk enlightened us, entertained us and nourished our souls.  She signed our books and smiled for our pictures and conducted a drumming and chanting workshop before returning to join us in ritual that night.

Saturday was full of workshops and shopping with vendors and meeting new people and visiting with old friends and even enjoying a Margaret Fuller tea complete with a re-enactment of Margaret Fuller joining the tea.  Energy was high as we all filed into the ritual that evening and I admittedly was excited to sit next to and talk to Starhawk as we awaited ritual to begin.  Ritual was beautiful and after we all again went back to our hotels and homes and Inns.

Sunday Starhawk was invited to be the guest minister for the services at the church and she shared with us (in three services) her children’s book The Last Wild Witch and then spoke to us about Spirituality and Activism and how they can and should coexist.  It was a warm, nourishing and amazing weekend and now I am left with the excitement and exhilaration that this wonderful event, Winter Woman Sprit will be held in my own home town of Elkhart next year in 2011 and that Margot Adler is already booked for the event!