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Welcome! Here you will find information and activities related to the revised Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum and its use in Unitarian Universalist congregations and in other organizations. This site is a combined effort of Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion core group and various Cakes and W&R groups.

Train-the-Trainer Preparations

Setting – Welcoming table with nametags, packets, already paid for curriculum
Dining area with continental breakfast and drinks (later lunch & refreshments)
    Use this area for clay sculpting in PM session?
Chairs in a circle, Low altar table in the center with cloth, candle, altar items
(If large group, second room with chairs / altar might be needed)
Newsprint, easel, markers, tape, boombox or computer for Eagleheart CD
Computer with projector, projector screen, Cakes CD, Blog screenshots
           (alternately, Cakes DVD with TV and DVD player)
Side table with organizational fliers, literature, sample resource books
Different side table with curriculum for sale
Box or basket for completed evaluations, extra pens

Packets - 2-pocket folders with Cakes sticker and photocopied materials
Cover sheet with facilitator contact info
Workshop Schedule
Selection of extra blessings & poems
    (Can the Goddess Rescue Planet Earth by Meg Bowman, Nonsexist   Lord’s Prayer,  But We Have Only Begun, Other?)
Cakes Q&A by Nancy Irons
Cakes Table of Contents – In Ancient Times
(Table of Contents of Part II or Flier if available??)
Workshop Handouts
    Session 1 – Song sheet for “In Ancient Times”
    Session 5 – Song sheet for “May We Be Strong”
Strategies for Success
Blog screen shots??
Sample T3 flier  
Blank paper & Pen
Evaluation Form

Materials for Session 1
Goddess figures on the altar
Song sheet in packet
Yemaya story, crayons, markers, paper
14 Tea boxes  (cups from church kitchen??)

Materials for Session 5
Peace symbols on the altar, Easter bread dragon(s)
Song sheet in packet
Copies of reading from pages 55-56
Clay for everyone and working space
Train-the-Trainer Workshop Schedule

9:00    Continental Breakfast / Mingling

9:30    Welcome - Introduction of Organizations and Leaders
Overview of today’s schedule - Handout
Reading – Blessing or Poem, Lighting of Candle
Opening Ritual - Introduction around circle (I am daughter of)…Brief  discussion of the history of this
Background - Cakes Q &A document, Refer to additional materials in book
Brief Personal Sharing - Why are you here today?, Experiences with Cakes
Discussion of Facilitator Roles & Rules – Recap pgs 20-23
Overview of curriculum -Table of contents, Discuss CD, Slide shows, DVD?
Extra readings if time allows
~  Short break for stretching, restroom, drinks  ~

10:30    Session 1 -The Sacred Female  (Break into 2 sections if group is large)
Incorporate song “In Ancient Times” Allow time for discussion during slideshow, Cut activities as needed

12:30    Lunch / Mingling    Drumming?  Other Activity?  Spiral Dance?

1:30    Strategies for Success – Facilitator covers handout with group discussion
Logistics / Organizing; Church Support; Publicity
Resources / Cakes Blog
Potential Problems
Follow ups

~  Short break for stretching, restroom, drinks  ~

2:30    Session 5 - Reclaiming Women’s Heritage of Peace  (Break into 2 sections if group is large)  Incorporate song “May We Be Strong” Allow time for discussion during slideshow, Cut activities as needed

4:30    Reactions / Closing Ritual
Feedback – Brief discussion of workshop, Fill out evaluations, Once around the circle (I am name and I feel. . . )
Reading / Song – facilitator choice
Extinguish Candle  (Sing May the Circle Be Open??)

5:00    Refreshments / Mingling - Cake??


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