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We maintain an archive for the Florida UU Women and Religion chapter that dissolved in 2010. Continental UU Women and Religion is maintaining the site with any news of UU women in Florida that we can find. Fortunately the NE Florida Cluster women are continuing the retreat tradition with an event each Spring. Watch the UU Women's Events list at right for more information!

We've been given permission to unlock the Conference and Retreat Guides written by Rev. Barbara Child and updated by the FLUUWR group. We think the Guides can serve as a good solid basis for your group to modify for their own, and we invite you to do so! Continue to the FLUUWR pages and at the right is a list of the articles in the Guides. Please send any comments to info@uuwr.org.

Blessed Be!

End of the Line ... or A New Track?

As of April, 2010, the Florida UUW&R web site was shut down. Florida UU Women and Religion has ceased to be an active group for the time being.
Maybe a few years up the line a new group of women will feel the need and find the time and energy to rebirth the group.
For now, some have had health challenges, some have passed on, and too many have found that Spirit has led them in other directions.
The web address has been handed on in trust to the Continental UU Women and Religion so that women who are seeking the company of others in good UU fellowship will find the resources that helped so many of us along the way.

Merry meet,
and merry part,
and merry meet again.


You may make a donation to UU Women and Religion here. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Please select the quantity of $10 increments you would like to donate.