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Sun Daughters–a Healing Space for Black Womxn in Tacoma WA Saturday, April 28, 2018

[From FAITHIFY] Created by a local collective of gifted and community minded Black womxn in Tacoma, WA, Sun Daughters is a healing space specifically designed to give Black womxn a safe space to find what the world does not often give to us—acceptance, love, and care. We do this by meeting our sistxs right where they are with no conditions, no re-quirements, and no expectations.

Sun Daughters is a daylong experience of Black womxn magic as only we can create it—through nourishment of our bodies, minds and spirits. You will be welcomed to a day of sumptuous and delicious foods in an atmosphere of traditional hospitality. There will be time for you to indulge your creativity through art, poetry and writing. We will gather in circle to celebrate our Black womxn-ness in an atmosphere of compassion, love, and affirmation.

Everything, including childcare and transportation, is provided. Sun Daughters is a life-affirming space and welcome to all Black Womxn, Femmes, Non-Binary, and Gender-Fluid Folx. There is zero tolerance for transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sexism, misogynoir, or anti-blackness.


Organizers include:

  • Gaian Bird is a writer, poet, and artist, and vision holder.
  • Kellie Richardson is an artist, poet, and business owner? Her business is Brown Betty’s Natural Hair and Skin Care. She is the current Tacoma Poet Laureate. It is a 2 year appointment.
  • Andrea Sulusi is a massage therapist, Reiki master, business owner – Elements of Sunshine


[from FAITHIFY] Rev. Tandi Rogers, community minister associated with Tahoma Unitarian Unitarian Congregation, and Gaian Bird, community activist and teacher, met during Peoples' Assembly (a version of Black Lives Matter) actions in Tacoma, WA. During that time, Gaian told Tandi about her dream of gathering Black Womxn to create real community. She has been frustrated by other Black support models which are assimilative and knew there was another way. Tandi asked "may I help and how?" Gaian, who used to be Unitarian Universalist until she "just couldn't," said that fiscal sponsorship and support in raising money could go a long way in gaining that trust back. Soon after the Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation board voted unanimously to support the effort.  It is proving to be a meaningful, symbiotic relationship.


We have two Amazon Wish Lists with items we will be needing for the retreat. Please consider purchasing some supplies for our retreat participants.

Sun Daughters Retreat Supplies

Sun Daughters Children’s Book List

Tacoma, WA
UUWomenspirit at The Mountain, NC Wednesday, May 16, 2018

UUWomenspirit Spring Retreat - May 16-20, 2018

The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center

Highlands, NC

Inviting the Sacred Into Our Lives

UUWomenspirit Spring2018


Breathe deep…and listen.  Listen for the sacred winds that carry inspiration and promise.

Breathe deep…and open your eyes.  Gaze upon the sacred fires that warm our hearts and ignite our passions.

Breathe deep…and drink.  Taste the waters of the rivers that carry the sacred flow of our intuition and emotions.

Breathe deep…and touch.  Explore the rough bark of the towering trees and the sacred earth that holds the roots of our existence.

Breathe deep…and receive.  Feel the arms of the Divine Feminine enfold you in her loving embrace.

During our Spring 2018 event, we will explore the many wondrous yet simple ways we can bring the sacred into our lives every day.  Daily offerings will include workshops and worship services with a group of amazing women.  Our retreat will be held at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center nestled deep in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  In this beautiful setting, you will be surrounded by amazing views of nature that will connect you to the sacred on a whole new level.

For more information about UUWomenspirit and our upcoming retreats, please visit our website, www.uuwomenspirit.org.  Registration for this event will begin in mid-March 2018. 

The Mountain, just outside of Highlands, NC http://uuwomenspirit.org/contact-us
UU Women's Connection Retreat - Pilgrim Park IL Friday, June 01, 2018

carley mattimoreWe’re getting all sorts of excited about our keynote speaker, Carley Mattimore! Carley’s keynote will be “Awakening Shamanic Consciousness: A New Birth.” Our element for the Spring Retreat will be Air and the direction honored will be East. Registration information is found on page 5 of Voice of Women Newsletter 2018 Spring and at www.uuwomensconnection.org

Carley teaches shamanic breathwork. She is a reiki master. How best to honor our element of Air than with Carley who will share with us her knowledge of becoming an important part of this element.

womensconnection logoWe are in heightened times of great change amidst great chaos where all we have known seems to be crumbling and dismantling before our eyes. We may feel panic, fear, futility or numbness as the turbulence unfolds around us. Yet there is higher perspective that can support us in trusting the unfolding as we prepare for a new birth of humanity. This perspective is symbolized by the Air cycle of shamanic consciousness; a deeper understanding of how we move through change. Carley Mattimore will guide us in exploring the cycles of change using our breath to support us as we assimilate this death and rebirth in our personal and collective consciousness.

Pilgrim Park, Princeton IL info@uuwomensconnection.org
UU Women's Connection Retreat - Watervliet MI Friday, August 03, 2018

Stay tuned for details!

Ronora Lodge and Retreat Center, 9325 Dwight Boyer Rd, Watervliet, MI 49098 info@uuwomensconnection.org
UUWomenspirit at The Mountain, NC Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Institute and Gathering!

What can you look forward to experiencing at our events?

Take a look at the About Events page.

Do you want to sell items at Brigid’s Bazaar?

Anyone attending the event may request space to sell woman-made creations or items from her woman-owned business. Artists keep 90% of the sales and give 10% to UUWomenspirit. You will be responsible for selling your items during the scheduled times. Check back here a couple of months before the event for the link to the agreement form.

Would you like to offer massage therapy services?

If you are a licensed massage therapist, you may offer massage. You will need to provide your own table and find your own space. PLEASE check with cabin mates before offering massage in your cabin. You can reserve a space in the sales area where women can sign up. Therapists keep 90% and give 10% to UUWomenspirit. Check back here a couple of months before the event for the link to the agreement form.

Do you need financial assistance to attend?

UUWomenspirit is proud to offer some financial assistance to those who need it. Check back here a couple of months before the event for the link to the application form.

Where will the event be held?

UUWomenspirit Institute and Gathering are held at The Mountain, just outside of Highlands, NC. Please use these links to get more information.

Directions to the Mountain
Information about coming to the Mountain

If you have any questions about UUWomenspirit, please contact our Membership Coordinator.

Plan way in advance!

Spring: May 15-19, 2019
Fall: October 16-20, 2019
Spring: May 13-17, 2020
Fall: October 14-18, 2020

The Mountain, just outside of Highlands, NC http://uuwomenspirit.org/contact-us
UU Women's Connection Retreat - Racine WI Friday, October 12, 2018

Stay tuned for details!

DeKoven Center, Racine, WI info@uuwomensconnection.org