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Hurricane Ike came to H-town
Command Central for the ICUUW planning efforts
Swaying pines, lashing lines
A streetlight down, live but dead
No power for days
Some with houses full of muck
Thousands of children without books or schools
The beach, gone
Echoing life after natural and other disasters in many lands

Global warming?
Maybe so.
We all watched as the storm gathered its forces
This was just a Category 2
So many prepared as such
No window tape, just batteries, pitchers, and ice chests stocked
Width is a dimension to be noted
Never before had a 2 been as wide as a 4
Imagine 50 to 120 mph winds
Across a 200 mile diameter
With looping swaths of winds swirling at various miles from the center of the storm
There we were
And as such were linked with others in a loop of a certain speed of force
With UUs and nons
In a circle also moving forward
An interconnected web
With millions who experienced the same forces of air

The UU women are gathering
Some may think it will be only a Category 1 or 2
Depth is a dimension to be noted
Never before have women UUs from around the globe gathered
Imagine 500 women of heart and fire
Across a single building
Concentrating their forces
The power will be in another dimension
Also to be noted
And the effects could link and affect millions
Of UUs and nons
In a vast interconnected web of purpose
Spinning and weaving across multiple swaths of influence
Who are called to attend to the gathered voice of the nurturers of the world
They will sing
“Come – sing with us – a song of beauty – of the world as it must become.”


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