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Women's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant CD

1. Naming Chant 1:22
2. Ancient Mother / Isis Astarte 3:26
3. I Am the River 2:05
4. Look to the Source 2:41

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Women's Drumming Circle of South Bend Indiana drumming and chant downloadable mp3s.


Meg said, "These Crone Rituals reflect my own response to insecurities about aging, and the realization that most women must come to terms with their own aging in an ageist and sexist culture that denigrates the reality of age."

18-page Sneak Preview! (PDF)

Print version also available.


Kimberly Dark's CD of stories. Personal, powerful, political - Dark's hilarious social analysis and exquisite storytelling explore the moments where the personal and the political collide. Check out the videos on her website: http://kimberlydark.com

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My Heart is Moved ~ . . .singing into the call and vision of the Earth Charter.
Carolyn McDade & Friends
2007 Carolyn McDade
Music that guides us through the narrows to a deeper understanding of who we are as planetary and cosmic beings.
This project is about creativity, culture, and commitment. It is brought forth by the solidarity with hundreds of women across North America -- all of one voice. It serves the vision of a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society within the well being of the whole community of life. Twelve groups, each with its local character, process, and agenda reflected on the Earth Charter as it relates to their personal and communal lives, learned music, and continue to move the call and vision of the Earth Charter into their wider community. The voices on the recording are a representative 85 women chosen by the women of these regions.

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On the Threshold - keynote speech by Rev Shirley Ranck (2008). Download TEXT.

"Hecate. Do you know Her? She is old and wise and very powerful. Firmly She stirs the bubbling cauldron of life and death. She has been ignored and almost forgotten for many centuries. She has been ridiculed, called ugly and hideous and dangerous whenever She has appeared. She has certainly been defied. But today Her power is rising...


CD by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers


Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers


A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities by Elizabeth Fisher

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A Woman-honoring Journey into Global Earth-based Spiritualities by Elizabeth Fisher. Music CD of chants, songs, stories, and instrumental selections which express the emotional essence of the journey. CD is included when you buy the FULL KIT, though you may like the Music by itself.

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Musical resources for the Rise Up curriculum in downloadable mp3 format!


Songs to Celebrate the Goddess CD by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
Many of these are featured in Cakes for the Queen of Heaven curriculum!
LISTEN  1. Spirit Call (2:10)
LISTEN  2. We Honor the Water (2:37)
LISTEN  3. Return (4:31)
LISTEN  4. Keep Walking in the Light (2:10)

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Downloadable mp3s of Songs to Celebrate the Goddess by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
She Calls to Us samples


Sheet Music from Songs to Celebrate the Goddess CD by Carole Etzler Eagleheart
The songs included in the CAKES curricula do have sheet music included so you don't need to buy this to teach Cakes.

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Walk Gently in My Life
© Carole Etzler Eagleheart

Walk gently in my life, and I will find a way
To open up my heart and share my secret thoughts
And trust you with my deepest dreams.
Walk gently in my life and someday I'll no longer have to hide.
I'll open up my heart and let you touch the places deep inside.
Walk gently in my life.

Carole Eagleheart's classic 1976 feminist album is available for the first time on CD exclusively through UUWR Store.

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Carole Eagleheart's classic 1976 feminist album is available for the first time as downloadable mp3s exclusively through UUWR Store.

Sound Samples


Speak to the Earth
LISTEN  I Will Sleep Within Your Arms Again (from Thirteen Ships CD)
Cup of the Moon
LISTEN  Walk Gently In My Life (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS
Chant for Mother Earth
May Love Surround You
Some Day We May Walk

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This timeless song from Carole Eagleheart's Take Up the Song collection is a favorite at women's retreats and gatherings!

LISTEN  B1 Standing Before Us 4:01  LYRICS

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Take Up the Song
The Wheel Goes Round
LISTEN  Standing Before Us (from Thirteen Ships CD)  LYRICS
Some Day All Women Will Sing
Sometimes I Wish
LISTEN  Travel Light And Travel Easy (from Thirteen Ships CD) LYRICS

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Carole EagleheartCarole Etzler Eagleheart is a musician and activist who has made womyn's music since the 1970s. Now retired, you can find her in UU congregations leading worship, or at UU Womenspirit gatherings. An avid kayaker, she often chronicles her journeys with video.

UUWR is honored to partner with Carole in making sure her classic recordings are available.

carolyn mcdadeThrough a generous arrangement with Carolyn McDade, we can now offer some of her CDs.



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