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Have you read a book or seen a movie which touched you, entertained you, nourished your spirit? Tell us about it.

Have you or your congregation's Women's Circle scheduled an event that is open to women in your area? Tell us about it.

Under Sister to Sister, you will find Books and Movies and Places to Go, Dates to Keep.  

B & M should include the title and author of the book or primary actors in the movies. Give us a couple of lines , your name, congregation, and geographic location if that is not clear from the name of your congregation.

PTG, DTK should include Date, Event name, location (including church web site if possible), a contact person with email address. Please substitute [at] for @ in the address to avoid potential problems

Please send your submissions to slater.anne[at]gmail.com


You may make a donation to UU Women and Religion here. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Please select the quantity of $10 increments you would like to donate.