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October 17-19, 2008 Fall Retreat

Deep inside each of us, an ancient wisdom lies sleeping.
Our ancestors understood the divine nature of the Living Earth
and how it is that we are woven into the sacred web of life.

Our bodies still know.

During this experiential weekend,
we will use song and movement, stillness and contemplation,
storytelling, the labyrinth, altar-building,
and art-making to connect and deepen this vision.

Led by Sarah Campbell, a community herbalist in Lancaster County, PA.
A priestess in the Wiccan tradition, Sarah was ordained by Starhawk.
She has been teaching women and girls for more than 15 years

Murray Grove Conference Center, Lanoka Harbor, N.J.
For further information, contact
Barbara Caballero, Registrar
Lois Morrigan

Here's a FLYER to print out and share: (PDF)


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