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It's easy enough for all of us to say "Be Strong."

It's another thing to put it into practice, and at the right times.

I was thinking, How Does One Do That? I think I've been able to do that by focusing on listening to The Strong Woman Within.

You have that Strong Woman Within. She thinks and she feels and she cries and she grieves, but underneath all that she knows what is necessary for you to do for YOU.

Listen to that Strong Woman. Use her strength -- to make decisions that are right, and to stand behind them. To do what you know you need to do. To gather the collective strength and wisdom of your friends and use it as yours -- because you'll surely return the favor some day when one of them needs an extra boost.

Hang in there and do what you know you need to do. Let that Strong Woman within and your Strong Friends (wherever they are) help you through this tough time.

Because once this tough time has passed, you WILL have glorious things to explore and wonder over and rejoice in. Look forward to that!

Kathy Claycomb (UU in northern Wisconsin)


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