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Conference 2003

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Theme Speaker: Gloria Wright, Ph.D.

Dr. Gloria Wright, familiar to some of us from SUUSI, will inspire us, entertain us, and educate us. Her theme workshop will invite us to define our meaning of spirituality, examine how we let our spirit evolve, and develop understanding of the importance of the lost dreams and realities of our lives.

She will ask us to trade in our judgment for discernment. She will talk about the immense self-will that it takes to give up the need to be right. gloria will tell us of her personal journey, but will not offer us her map.
We are all mirrors, are we not?
Come listen, feel, examine, probe, and question.

Dr. Wright is listed in Whos Who in the South and Southwest and in the World's Who's Who of Women. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia and lectures also in Europe and South America.

Opening Speaker: Linda Plummer
Bridging the Generation Gap in our Religious Communities

We will explore the predominant four generations in our congregations today: the Veterans (b.1922-1943), the Baby Boomers (b.1943-1960), Generation X (b.1960-1980) and Generation Y (b.1980-2000). Who are the people in each generation? What events shaped or are shaping them? What is each generation's personality? This program will help us to understand the social, political, religious, and economic forces that shaped each generation and to appreciate the unique contributions that each generation brings to our religious community. We will also have some fun with "Name that Tune" - who can identify the most songs representing all the generations? Join us for this fun, informative and interactive experience!

Linda Plummer is president of Plummer & Associates, a Jacksonville, FL based Human Resources consulting and training firm. She has a special interest in studying generations and is a popular speaker with businesses and associations. She has been a member of the Atlanta and Jacksonville Unitarian Universalist churches. Linda has served on the Board of the Jacksonville church and also on the Board of The Mountain. She has attended SUUSI for 25 years and has been a delegate to General Assembly 3 times.


  • Service Project for the American Cancer Society -Sewing turbans and small pillows for chemotherapy recipients.
  • Discussion of Current Political Trends
  • Mother Daughter Encounter - led by gloria wright
  • Radical Persuasion - A slice of UU history
  • Group Singing - for the Joy of it!
  • Women's Often-Overlooked Health Issues
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