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“Gaia exemplifies the earth as a living entity, which we must preserve and sustain for our children," says sculptor Dora Natella, whose work adorns the cover of Nan Lundeen’s cautionary collection of poems, Gaia’s Cry. As global warming accelerates, Nan asks what form Gaia will take during her grandson Elijah’s lifetime.

Ancient goddess myths and Native American legends enrich her vision of Earth’s startling beauty in a book that alerts, informs, and seeks strength in the courage of yellow wildflowers.
“Science has given us the facts and evidence. Climate change is real and we are the problem. But, clear cold facts too often do not fire hearts and minds to change the world. That takes the poetic power of beauty, love, life, eloquence, and empathy. Thank you, Nan Lundeen, for fanning those flames for us.” —Mike Keen, Chancellor's Professor Emeritus of Sustainability Studies, Indiana University South Bend

“Nan’s verses are musical, lyrical, in a way I can almost hear and smell and be in the place she is standing. This is what I liked so much about Black Dirt Days. Her new collection, Gaia’s Cry, speaks to me in the same ways: of all the glorious aspects of Mother Earth and her inhabitants, the heartbreak at her destruction, and hope—elusive hope—in the courage of individuals, and the magic of seeds.” —Gretchen Ohmann, co-convener, Unitarian Universalist Women and Religion, Benton Harbor-St. Joseph, Michigan

About the Poet

nan in tree croppedNan Lundeen’s Black Dirt Days: Poems as Memoir, and Moo of Writing: How to Milk Your Potential were finalists in the 2016 National Indie Excellence Awards. Her poems have appeared in Yemassee, Illuminations, The Petigru Review, Connecticut River Review, and others.

A retired award-winning journalist, she holds an MA in communications from Western Michigan University. She and her husband, freelance photographer Ron DeKett, live in southwestern Michigan among deer, wild turkey, hummingbirds, and wildflowers. She's a member of the Berrien UU Fellowship. Hear her read from her book of poems, The Pantyhose Declarations, at www.nanlundeen.com.

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