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by Melinda Morris Perrin

A New Day Dawns is a series of daily meditative reflections incorporating mindful intention into everyday life. Natural Prayer turns the work of our hands into the play of our hearts, and our play into a spiritual practice. It is simple. It is easy. It deepens our experiences.

Through Natural Prayer we connect with the One and the work of our hands heals and comforts, becoming a blessing to the world. The reader is encouraged to write a few lines each day as a reflection, an intention, or to journal their thoughts and record the events of their lives.

The readings are inspirational, ripples and waves across the water, but veiled hidden meanings are layered among the rocks. Deeper still are the cloaked teachings that lead initiates into new revelations and understanding on the path to enlightenment.

ISBN: 978-0-9976108-0-2


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