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Edited by Meg Bowman and Diane Haywood Langford

We grow older each day, each moment. How precious the fragile strand of life! We grow wiser each year, each month. How good to feel that, at last, we are our own person!

Yet, our literature, TV, movies, cartoons...do not revere or empower or respect older women. The “old woman” is the interfering mother-in-law, the doting grandmother conned into baby-sitting, the useful servant who patches and sews, and cooks Thanksgiving dinner for everyone, and raises funds for the church... We acknowledge inheriting a society that does not respect the elderly, but we also recognize that social change comes from people-people who know that growing old is okay, people who respect older women, people who wish to change society, people who are people­ oriented.

These readings for older women have been selected to raise your consciousness about our ageist society, to help you feel good about your age, and to encourage you to get off your “cushion” and do something to bring about a more equitable society, a better world.

But, for right now, relax, read and enjoy! —Meg Bowman


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