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Great Goddess

Fact, Working Hypothesis, or Feminist Myth?
Great Goddess bookletGreat Goddess: Fact, Working Hypothesis, or Feminist Myth? is a compilation of panel presentations given at General Assembly 1992, edited by Dorothy Emerson. The panel and the publication were sponsored by the Feminism Section of Collegium, Association for Liberal Religious Studies, as part of its "Edge of the Wave" series, coordinated by Betty Hoskins. The 40 page booklet, in part a discussion of issues raised by Cakes for the Queen of Heaven, includes contributions by Carol Graywing, Shirley Ranck, Carol Hepokoski, Holly Horn, Christa Heiden Landon, Elizabeth Fisher, and Betty Hoskins.

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Coming Home Like Rivers to the Sea

You may purchase a PDF to download. Please contact us if you would like license to print multiple copies. info@uuwr.org

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A Women's Ritual

Carolyn McDade and Lucile Schuck Longview

Carolyn McDade is a composer and singer, feminist and social justice activist. Mother of three grown daughters, formerly a homemaker and teacher, she has used her music to explore and express the deep connections between women. In 1982-83 she spent a full year traveling to 70 (mostly Unitarian Universalist) churches around the U.S., doing services and concerts, reflecting with women on their lives and values. In 1981 she went to Central America and is an active worker in the Sanctuary movement and lives in solidarity with the people of Central America. She is co-creator of Womancenter at Plainville. Massachusetts, a small conference and gathering center for the evolving of women's perspectives on justice. “As a singer and songwriter, I believe in the power of women's voices and lives in creating the new society, one that is beautiful, limber, compassionate and just. My music is committed to creating the long-term feminist liberation movement that will birth this transformative change.”

Lucile Schuck Longview is a seventy-seven-year-old grandmother and liberation feminist. Formerly, as Lucile Schuck, she was a traditional corporate wife and mother. “I think of myself now as ‘Crone Longview,’ named ‘Longview’ by my unconscious nine years ago surprisingly but appropriately (because I consider myself a futurist). The term ‘Crone’ claims the wisdom gained from experience in a long life. Each day I enjoy knowing the person 1 am becoming in this latest sense-of-self. I am caught up in the sacred task of undermining patriarchy. This involves taking apart and examining the threads of the intellectual cocoon into which I have been acculturated and then constructing a more life-giving and sustaining world view, a new consciousness that includes a revised sense of the sacred.” [Note: Lucile passed away in 2010]

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The Water Ritual booklet

Water Ritual cover new smBooklet originally published by Pacific Central District W&R, "The Water Ritual" by Carolyn McDade and Lucille Longview is the original worship service "Coming Home, Like Rivers to the Sea: A Women's Ritual," created for the November 1980 Women and Religion Continental Convocation of Unitarian Universalists in East Lansing, Michigan. Includes readings, lyrics and sheet music.


You can now read the entire booklet ONLINE: The Water Ritual (without sheet music)

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Rosemary's Memoirs

Rosemarys Memoirs cover new smRosemary says in the introduction, "I remember reading that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony felt an obligation to put the history of the suffrage movement into some kind of permanent form so that the story could be passed on to the next generation. They did not want the story of their struggles to be lost to history. An overwhelming task, they began in 1876 and finished the first four volumes in 1900 while they were both in their eighties. I wrote the first draft of this article in the fall of 1996 prompted by the constant questioning I received from ila Buenavidez-Heaster, convenor of the UUA Pacific Central District Women & Religion Task Force. How did it all begin? Who was involved? Was it difficult? What obstacles did you encounter? And: You've got to put this in writing so others will know."

Rosemary Matson was awarded an honorary doctorate from Starr King in 2011. PHOTOS

Rosemary passed on in September of 2014. Liz Fisher wrote a tribute to her.

You can also read Rosemary's Memoirs online.

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Margaret Fuller's New England

FullersFootstepsMargaret Fuller was an author, editor, journalist, educator, and women's rights advocate. Today, we consider her one of the guiding lights of the first wave of feminism in America.

She was the first editor of the Transcendentalist newspaper The Dial and the author of the landmark Woman in the Nineteenth Century. She was the first woman journalist and the first literary editor for a major American newspaper (New-York Tribune), the first woman foreign correspondent, and the first to serve in that capacity during wartime (Italian Revolution). Before Margaret Fuller died tragically in a shipwreck at the age of 40, she planned to lead a truly intercontinental life, contributing her many gifts to reform movements and revolutions in America and Europe.

This 24-page, saddle wire, illustrated self-guided trail guide documents places throughout New England where Margaret Fuller lived, worked, and visited including sites in Concord, Cambridge, and Boston, Massachusetts, and points west, north, and south of the city. There are also sites in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The trail was written and designed by Bonnie Hurd Smith for the Margaret Fuller Bicentennial in 2010 from biographies by Joan von Mehren and Charles Capper. It features dozens of historical photographs and quotes from Fuller's work. Part of the proceeds from sales return to the Bicentennial committee for future projects. Discount for quantities over 10.

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Shared Leadership


Pacific Central District Women and Religion Shared Leadership Booklet

Developing easy ways to govern a group in a non-hierarchical style is the subject of this simple yet powerful approach, tested in hundreds of small groups. This pamplet outlines the theory of paradigm shift, describing the roles that make meetings flow and procedures needed for balancing the completion of tasks with bonding and morale of group members.


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Revolution by Resolution

Revolution by ResolutionA Sunday service script/ritual developed by UU Women and Religion -- Developed by Nuala Carpenter, Laurie James, Doddie Stone, Geri Kennedy and Helen Popenoe. Written by Dorothy Emerson. Songs by Carolyn McDade.

Watch the video of the presentation at General Assembly 2007.

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Meg Bowman Books

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Retired Sociologist, Meg, now in her 80's, is a great-grandmother. She remains active in OWL (Older-Women's League) and W&R: UUA (Women & Religion: Unitarian Universalist Association). Originally from North Dakota, Meg has lived in northern California since 1961.

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Fourth Wise Man

New Edition of an Old Treasure!

Fourth-Wise-Man-cover-sm"A few years before his death -- when times were less hectic for us -- Howard and I began to work on a task very important to both of us. He wanted to republish his first book The Fourth Wise Man, editing out the sexist language that permeated its pages. It had been written more than fifty years ago, before the feminist movement taught us the importance of inclusive language. I was eager to do this because it is a fine book full of poetic wisdom and humor and it should be shared. The contents are as relevant to today's troubled world as it was when it was first published in 1954."

~from introductory remarks by Rosemary Matson

"Reading this text is like receiving a heartening letter from Howard! We highly recommend its cutting edge insight, lyrical voice and refreshing inspiration." ~Elizabeth and Bob Fisher, friends and fans of Howard's

You can read The Fourth Wise Man online.

Glorious Women

Award-Winning Sermons about Women -- edited by Rev. Dorothy Emerson
Glorious Women, ed. Rev. Dorothy EmersonGlorious Women is a compilation of sermons that have won the Ministerial Sisterhood UU Sermon Award. The book is edited by Dorothy Emerson and includes her account of the amazing growth of women in UU ministry from the early 1980s through 2004. The sermons are filled with insight to inspire the translation of faith into action and the living of more authentic lives.
Glorious Women is a unique chronicle of women's changing lives and concerns, told through sixteen award-winning sermons. It is also the story of women in ministry and their rise from a tiny minority to over half of the Unitarian Universalist ministers in only twenty-five years. The sermons in this collection speak to the central issues of our times, issues that concern both women and men. Often drawing on historical women's lives and words for inspiration, thirteen women and three men explore the challenges of living lives of integrity and faith in today's world. By sharing their insight and wisdom, these authors encourage all who share their words to live more authentic lives and do what they can to work for a more just world.

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