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This essential book of dramatic readings by Meg Bowman contains:

  • Goddesses, Witches & the Paradigm Shift
  • Celebrating Ourselves (International)
  • Four Famous Unitarian Universalist Women: Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, Dorothea Dix, Margaret Fuller
  • Bella & Phyllis by Milton Loventhal and Jennifer McDowell
  • Three Admirable Women: Florence Nightingale, Frances Willard, and Jane Addams
  • Finding Our Foremothers: Emily Stowe, Frances Perkins Gilman, Frances Power Cobbe by Rev. Maureen Killoran

Meg Bowman is the author of MEMORIAL SERVICES FOR WOMEN, READINGS FOR WOMEN’S PROGRAMS and WOMEN’S HISTORY: DRAMATIC READINGS and co-author with Diane Haywood of READINGS FOR OLDER WOMEN. A professor of Sociology, Dr. Bowman passed away in 2020. Meg formerly published her books through her own Hot Flash Press. She entrusted the keeping and publishing of her works to UU Women and Religion. UUW&R is proud to help keep this part of her legacy alive.


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