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Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler Eagleheart and Bren Chambers with booklet of some of the lyrics.

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Widening Embrace ~ . . .music arising from the energies of earth
Carolyn McDade & Friends
2011 Carolyn McDade

Widening Embrace is Carolyn McDade's newest body of music - a year-long project of singing, meditation, reflection, and the arts. Sung by women from 9 regions of North America, each song arises from the energies of Creation, Earth, Universe, pulling us deep into the learning fields of forest, water, sky, stars.

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NEW! Carole Eagleheart's classic 1978 feminist album is available for the first time on CD.
LISTEN Womanriver sound samples

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Carole Eagleheart's classic 1978 feminist album is available for the first time on CD. Lyric booklet PDF included.
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Kimberly Dark's 2002 CD of powerful stories.

Check out the videos on her website: http://kimberlydark.com

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CD by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers

Earth Lullaby (4:06)
Cradled in the Arms of the Goddess (3:53)
We Are One People (3:04)
Earth Shall Be Healed (3:23)
Southern Sisters (3:13)
Mist Rising (2:24)
Now Link Your Hands (2:07)
Ancient Mother (3:59)

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Downloadable mp3s by Carole Etzler and Bren Chambers - includes lyrics


This timeless song from Carole Eagleheart's Take Up the Song collection is a favorite at women's retreats and gatherings!

LISTEN  B1 Standing Before Us 4:01  LYRICS

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