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th at GA2008UU Women and Religion decorated our booth at General Assembly with a new banner of the logo and the starwoman who graces our web site. Shirley brought the original UUW&R cloth banner as well, and we displayed the cloth banner made by the Florida District Women and Religion in reponse to the December 2007 murders of two Florida District W&R committee members and two of their children. Purple ribbons were handed out, in support of the ongoing fight against domestic violence.
Copies of the new "Cakes for the Queen of Heaven Part I: In Ancient Times" were on sale, as well as the rest of the items regularly sold in our online store (www.uuwr.org/store.htm). Cakes Part II "On the Threshold" was in its final proofreading stage, so we took orders at the booth. It seemed to me that GA attendance was sparse, and few folks traversed the corner where we were placed across from an empty booth and the UUs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and between two theological schools. Shirley and I staffed the booth with help from core group members Helen Popenoe, Laurie James, Florida District past convener Susan Pendergraft, and past CMwD W&R member Janet Nortrom of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With those people who did stop by the booth, we were able to take the time to talk in depth somewhat about what was on their minds. People didn't buy much but took lots of literature.
We also raffled off a set of "Cakes," a set of Laurie James books, and a set of "Rise Up" curriculum, all donated by their authors.

The dedicated group of planners for the International Convocation of U*U Women1 is focused on these questions: what are the goals of the Convocation, what outcomes do we hope for, and what do we want to accomplish? The answers depend on women attending from around the world, speakers and planners staying attuned to the issues, and our fundraising efforts coming together to ensure diverse representation at the Convocation.

A convocation is different from a conference. “Convocation” comes from the Latin, convocare, meaning to call forth or summon together, and vox, or voice. Unlike a conference where the agenda is known, a convocation calls forth the collective voice.

ICUUW Planning Committee at GA2008 in Ft Lauderdale

ICUUW Program Planning meeting at General Assembly in Ft. Lauderdale.

Top Row from left: Laura Nagel, Administrator, Houston; Mary Overton, Executive Director, Dallas; Cathy Cordes, Partner Church Council, Bedford, MA; Kathy Calhoun, Southwest UU Women, Dallas; Chris Nielsen, Women’s Rights Worldwide, Annapolis. Bottom Row: Barbara Beach, Chair of the Advisory Committee, Arlington, Virginia; and Honorary Chair, Maria Sinkford, Boston

After a number of years of very little woman centered activity at UUCF, we are happy to report that feminist spiritual consciousness is alive and well in our corner of Northern Virginia! It all started 4 years ago when I was foolish enough to ask the question, where is the women’s group in this congregation? As a woman who had moved around the country and been a member of 3 other UU congregations, I was surprised that there was no organized woman’s group. It was my time to step up. I started the first Women’s Spirit Circle, now known as the Artemis Circle. I became the Woman Link for our congregation to the JPD district chapter of UU Women and Religion. I attended a JPD Women and Religion Retreat. I was hooked!


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