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Healing and Changing Our World

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

For generations women have been healers, and that tradition has been passed down to our daughters thru the ages. Women find many different ways to make things better, we kiss boo boos, plant trees, create art, make chicken soup, hug and listen, sing lullabies and chant protest songs and carry memories of loved ones into the next generation.

We heal each other as well in ways we may not be aware of because to heal our world, we have to heal ourselves first. Our world seems to be tearing apart right now. We can choose to see it as re-modeling, tearing apart to rebuild in a better way.

Although we sometimes feel small and powerless in the chaos, gathering women in one place is empowering.

This weekend’s gathering hopes to offer some ways to think about healing and ideas of things to do that can help change our world. There are so many wonderful things happening and we have some great workshops planned, so we hope you will choose to make a difference in your life and in the world around you by joining and enjoying this time together.

We will have a labyrinth on loan from the Hospice of Pasco County. Each woman will have the option of signing up for her time alone in the sanctuary with the labyrinth.


  1. Harmonic Rituals for Everyday Balance-Elly Kelly Baker
  2. Energy Medicine - Liz Mason
  3. Ecofeminism – Spirituality and Activism -Lynn Carol Henderson
  4. Our Rwanda Sisters - Cece Yochum
  5. Ratify the ERA - Sandy Oestreich
  6. Healing with Music- Amy Carol Webb
  7. Taoist Tai Chi demonstration and participation
  8. Facial Massage Meditation - Margaret Shepherd
  9. Living Organically - Jeri Baldwin
  10. Creating Prayer Shawls - MJ Arnaldi and Karen Frank
  11. Women and Economics in the Third World - Linda Lucas
  12. Solar Funnel Cookers – Mary Wickensheimer


You may make a donation to UU Women and Religion here. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Please select the quantity of $10 increments you would like to donate.