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These pages are an archive for the Florida UU Women and Religion chapter that dissolved in 2010. Continental UUW&R is maintaining the site and seeking news of UU women in Florida to include. Fortunately the NE Florida Cluster women continue the retreat tradition with an event each Spring. Watch the UU Women's Events list at right for info!

Please peruse the Conference and Retreat Guides written by Rev. Barbara Child and updated by the FLUUWR group. We think the Guides can serve as a good solid basis for your group to modify for their own, and we invite you to do so! Please send any comments to info@uuwr.org. Blessed Be!



The Spring Retreat was a very relaxing affair for the twenty women and five children who attended.

Friday evening, after one of the Pines’ famous dinners, we gathered together around a flower-bedecked Spring altar, courtesy of Leslie Rigg. We closed the circle with thoughtful (and thought-provoking) readings provided by Katie Sill. Then Katie brought out a songbook she’d saved from her childhood, and we launched ourselves into an old-fashioned sing-along. We finally wore ourselves out around eleven and took ourselves to bed.

Saturday we had breakfast and packed our lunches for the day, and took ourselves off to…whatever. Some of us went canoeing (which was magical, despite the deerflies). Others went shopping, and came back with reports of wonderful little shops and special treasures. Some walked trails, Rebecca took two of the kids to the waterpark, and a few went for the ultimate self-indulgence: a good book and a good nap.

Saturday night the ‘Owl Lady’ came with wonderful fierce birds and many tales to tell.
Then there was Free Dancing for those who had a little energy left.

Sunday we rose to breakfast, and discussed the W&R awards while we ate. We gathered once more around the altar, opening the circle (readings provided by Katie) and bid each other a safe trip back. It was fun, which was exactly what we intended.


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